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Soweto Tours - Vuvuzela on tour in South Africa

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The Vuvuzela is a musical instrument from South Africa that has gained worldwide popularity during the 2010 football World Cup, which this country hosted. The plastic device has a trumpet-like shape and emits a sound similar to an elephant’s dying scream of terror. Most people cannot stand its distinctive growl, with the native South Africans being the only ones able to enjoy it. Today, it is impossible to visit Cape Town or Durban with your escorts without listening to the obnoxious vibrations produced by Vuvuzela players.

How to avoid a Vuvuzela

You can’t! Avoiding a Vuvuzela in South Africa is impossible. That is the naked truth, and if you plan to visit the country, you will need to get used to it. Whether you are visiting a cultural exhibit or attending an international party you are bound to be annoyed by the horrible grunt produced by this instrument. If your Amsterdam escort is very sensitive to loud sounds, it is better to take her to a different place during your romantic getaway. Otherwise, she will remember this holiday as the one when she regretted having a sharp hearing.

South African sounds

South Africa has a rich culture to which many ancient tribes and modern nations have brought their contribution. Strangely enough, in the matter of musical instruments, it seems that nothing overpowers the local people’s love for the Vuvuzela. Although many tourists compare its sound to that of a dead whale exploding ashore, its popularity is still pretty high in the country. At least you can challenge your ladies from the Escort Directory and your travel companions to find more dramatic ways of defining the Vuvuzela howl just to get some fun out of this experience.

Take a silent African tour

Dutch fun in Amsterdam

If you want to experience the real beauty of South Africa, you will have to stay away from the major cities where the locals play the Vuvuzela regularly. A good choice would be to go on a wild safari where you and your escorts can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the enchanting wilderness. Major tourist circuits have a daily departure point set in towns like Johannesburg, Nelspruit, and Bloemfontein.

Play the Vuvuzela for your escorts

There are many South African customs that you can learn on your visit there. From body painting to traditional dances, you have a large selection of artistic endeavors that you can try. However, one of the easiest ones to apprehend is playing the Vuvuzela. You cannot play any of the classical songs on this instrument, but it works wonders when you are trying to scare dogs away from your lawn. Also, your Amsterdam escort will be impressed with your passion for exotic cultures and wacky musical devices.

Will South Africa be safe again?

Many tourists are wondering whether South Africa will one day become Vuvuzela-free. For now, the annoying instrument seems to be deeply rooted in the local culture, and it will most likely be around for the next few centuries as well. Therefore, if your Amsterdam escort is insisting on a holiday in Cape Town, you should alert her that the entire vacation will have a constant soundtrack made of dying elephant sounds playing in the background.