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´╗┐Soweto tours in the South Africa

Are you looking for a new adventure in South Africa? Then book one of the multiple Soweto tours organized every year. The staff that guides the tourists has high professional qualifications so they will make sure you have a wonderful experience in Soweto. Meet new people and places to find out the incredible history of this city.


Soweto tours you should try when visiting South Africa

Soweto has become a touristic city in the last years thanks to its rich cultural heritage. Tourists are usually attracted by historical places but also by different activities. If you choose a full-day township trip, it is enough to see the whole city and to hear the history of Hector Pieterson who died for his country during Soweto Uprising. The trip includes also a visit to the house of anti-apartheid leaders Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, both winners of Nobel Prize for peace. The tour includes the transportation and meal cost so you will just enjoy the trip.

If you want a more active trip, try Soweto Bicycle Tour with Optional Bungee Jump. An expert guide will show you the city on two wheels. Discover South Africa history while cycling through the narrow streets. Continue your adventure with a bungee jump or with a traditional meal recommended by your friendly guide. Another trip you should try is the Elephant Walk 4-Hour Guided Tour from Johannesburg. This is a great chance to watch Elephants in their natural habitat. Spend one hour with this giant yet cute animals.

Soweto has a complex culture. This is the reason why this city is a top destination for those who visit South Africa. The tours organized in this area integrate you to their traditions and completely different lifestyle while revealing unbelievable stories about their fight for freedom.